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Hypnotherapy Diploma Course in Scotland to NVQ level 4 (equivalent) includes NLP
Practitioner Certificate. Externally Assessed/Accreditied by NCH and NCFE.

External Validation - Is it important?

Yes for any training course it is very important. Many people buy products because they like the packaging. The packaging is bright and shiny and looks good. Unfortunately the content often disappoints.

One of the ways you can ensure quality in your chosen training course is to select a training that is externally validated. Our course for instance has 3 distinct levels of assessment and validation built in to the HPD Portfolio submission. The portfolio submission must provide evidence that students on the course have been taught certain learning outcomes and the student can map and evidence the learning outcomes within their portfolio. Naturally if the student has not been taught to certain standards they will be unable to do this. Our training is first assessed by the trainers, nd then submitted for further validation to NCH (The National Council for Hypnotherapy) and then finally is externally validated by NCFE.

As the trainers, NCH and NCFE all know the standards expected. It can be rejected at any stage. So when you receive your HPD qualification you will know you deserve it and have provided a standard of work and knowledge that meets a nationally agreed standard.

So in summary – yes! external validation is very important. It ensures standards in training are maintained for both student and trainers!

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Reviews of our hypnotherapy training school from our past trainees

Dr Fiona McLeod (Helensburgh)

I thoroughly enjoyed studying for the HPD with Scottish Academy of Hypnosis and Mind Training. John and Rae are busy, experienced therapists who actually walk the walk‚ as well as talk the talk and their skill in hypnotherapy was evident in their teaching.

An element of training I hadn't taken into consideration was the other students. A class comprising of people from wide and varied backgrounds enriched the experience immensely and has led to a strong support network in the early years of therapy work.

Alison Bruce (Falkirk)

"Working with John & Rae was one of the best decisions of my life. I love being a hypnotherapist as it is a fantastic feeling when a client has come to me overwhelmed with their issues and after a few sessions are able to move forward with their lives. The leadership and encouragement that I received from both of these genuinely good people throughout my training and since I qualified can not be expressed in a few lines, but at all times their insights were amazing and heart warming."