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Hypnotherapy Diploma Course in Scotland to NVQ level 4 (equivalent) includes NLP
Practitioner Certificate. Externally Assessed/Accreditied by NCH and NCFE.

Other Hypnotherapy Training Schools in Scotland

We understand that different people have different needs when it comes to training but we will do our very best to help you learn hypnotherapy and be successful and ethical as a therapist. We also care about you, personally. We are compassionate and understanding towards our trainees. We realise that most people have challenges in their life in one way or another and we will be there to support you throughout your training and afterwards. Some people perhaps haven't studied in a while and we offer lots of help and advice on how to complete your work too.

There are of course a variety of Hypnotherapy training courses available from other training schools, everything from short courses and correspondence courses through to longer more comprehensive training. The simple question to ask yourself is "would you want to go to a therapist who had only been trained for a few days or only studied a course on the internet and had no face to face clinical experience?"

One of the best ways to find a good hypnotherapy training school in Scotland is to go and see the trainers before you sign up. Listen to your "gut" feeling but also ask to see their "Instructor" certificates as well as Hypnotherapy and Professional Body Certificates. Make sure you are being trained by a qualified instructor, because some Instructors have no formal teaching qualifications and do not understand how to educate, even though they might be good therapists themselves. Unfortunately some also have little to no hands on clinical experience. Ask lots of questions. Good trainers are likely to be able to answer the majority of what you want to know with ease and will also ask you questions about yourself because they want to take on the best trainees too.

When it comes to accreditation, check that the course you choose is actually accredited by whom your trainer claims it is and that your written course work is externally verified, which means it's not just your instructor who checks your work and gives you a certificate. Make sure there is a proper Validating Body such as NCFE, and that you are offered student membership of a professional body such as NSHP, APHP, NRAH or HA or NCH whilst you are training.

Try to speak to others who have trained with the school before and listen to what they say about their training experience. Don't rely solely on website testimonials. Sometimes these are written by friends and family :-(

The chances are that you will only ever study one Diploma in Hypnotherapy and that's why it's so important that you do your research before you choose your Training School.

Our course is run in our own purpose built training and therapy centre which is located in a very peaceful setting, which is important for trainees. Our students have the ability to work in a real life therapy room as well as sharing live demonstrations in the classroom.  We have a break out area which is important for good learning and socialising. Our course is non residential, which allows people to maintain their normal routine with home life and family as much as possible whilst training and to have a break from the Training/Therapy environment in the evenings of training days. Although we can of course recommend some good local accommodation for those who come from further afield.


Check that the course that you choose to study will qualify you to become CNHC Regulated. It may be unclear why it is important to train to this level however the profession is changing and CNHC therapists in England can now have clients referred to them by Doctors. This is a very big step forward for the Profession. In Scotland, presently this doesn't happen but the future could see this changing. 

The important thing for us as Therapists and Instructors is that good quality Hypnotherapy becomes more and more widely available in Scotland and that people realise it's benefits for health and well being. We are far more than just a training school and can see the bigger picture. Our Director, John Lawrence has been heavily involved for many years in introducing voluntary regulation. Both John and Rae are well known as Key Note Speakers at many of the Hypnotherapy Conferences run by various Professional Bodies and Training Associations and are both Founder members of The Scottish Hypnotherapy Foundation, a registered charity promoting the use of Hypnotherapy and high Standards of practice in Scotland.

Please Note, We have no association with any other training school in Scotland. The Scottish Academy of Hypnosis and Mind Training is the training business of our company called Hypnosis Scotland Ltd.

We believe in the spirit of competition and anyone who publicly insults other training organisations on their website only does so through jealousy and insecurity. We don't criticise any other training providers and we trust in our own ethical approaches to marketing.

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Reviews of our hypnotherapy training school from our past trainees

Dr Fiona McLeod (Helensburgh)

I thoroughly enjoyed studying for the HPD with Scottish Academy of Hypnosis and Mind Training. John and Rae are busy, experienced therapists who actually walk the walk‚ as well as talk the talk and their skill in hypnotherapy was evident in their teaching.

An element of training I hadn't taken into consideration was the other students. A class comprising of people from wide and varied backgrounds enriched the experience immensely and has led to a strong support network in the early years of therapy work.

Alison Bruce (Falkirk)

"Working with John & Rae was one of the best decisions of my life. I love being a hypnotherapist as it is a fantastic feeling when a client has come to me overwhelmed with their issues and after a few sessions are able to move forward with their lives. The leadership and encouragement that I received from both of these genuinely good people throughout my training and since I qualified can not be expressed in a few lines, but at all times their insights were amazing and heart warming."