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Hypnotherapy Diploma Course in Scotland to NVQ level 4 (equivalent) includes NLP
Practitioner Certificate. Externally Assessed/Accreditied by NCH and NCFE.


John Lawrence

John Lawrence carries out telephone supervision sessions


Supervision can be done face to face or over the telephone.

Our trainees are supervised whilst training and are encouraged to continue with supervision afterwards.

The HPD requirement is to make a committment to have Supervision once a month with a NCH accredited Supervisor for a period of two years then continuing with lifelong peer group supervision.

Therapy can be a lonely profession. Having an independent and supportive ear to call upon can be of immense value. If you are a newly qualified therapist or a more experienced one, remaining truly objective within therapy can prove difficult (yes, therapists have feelings too!).

Our Trainer John D Lawrence is an Accredited Hypnotherapy Supervisor (NCH) and (BIH) British Institute of Hypnotherapy & NLP

Supervision provides an opportunity for that third ear to therapists allowing them to discuss their concerns in confidence with a suitable person. It allows therapists to evolve their practice and gain invaluable objectivity in the process of therapy.

Because John is a process based supervisor it means that not only can he offer supervision to hypnotherapists, but to all complementary therapists as he tackles the dynamic process of therapy (i.e. what is going on in the sessions with your clients). Supervision can be offered on a face to face basis if you live in the Central Scotland or on a telephone or e-mail basis. So if you are looking for formal supervision arrangements as part of your professional body requirements (i.e.post qualification) or you are van experienced therapist looking for an informal arrangement for occassional supervision, please call John on 01506 830 190

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Reviews of our hypnotherapy training school from our past trainees

Dr Fiona McLeod (Helensburgh)

I thoroughly enjoyed studying for the HPD with Scottish Academy of Hypnosis and Mind Training. John and Rae are busy, experienced therapists who actually walk the walk‚ as well as talk the talk and their skill in hypnotherapy was evident in their teaching.

An element of training I hadn't taken into consideration was the other students. A class comprising of people from wide and varied backgrounds enriched the experience immensely and has led to a strong support network in the early years of therapy work.

Alison Bruce (Falkirk)

"Working with John & Rae was one of the best decisions of my life. I love being a hypnotherapist as it is a fantastic feeling when a client has come to me overwhelmed with their issues and after a few sessions are able to move forward with their lives. The leadership and encouragement that I received from both of these genuinely good people throughout my training and since I qualified can not be expressed in a few lines, but at all times their insights were amazing and heart warming."